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Our Mission

A stable, safe and decent home holds enormous possibilities for a low-income family striving to chart a more secure and hopeful future. But the residents Phoenix Family serves, like millions of low-income families across the U.S., need more than housing to build personal and financial assets and overcome barriers to success – they also require services where they live. That is where Phoenix Family comes in.

Our mission is easy:

Phoenix Family empowers people living in low-income housing communities with the on-site support they need to gain stability and achieve self-sufficiency.

How we fulfill our mission is more challenging. Poverty is a complex problem — and there is no one model —no one answer — that will fix all. The simple way would be to look at one part of the problem and then to try and solve that part.  But that’s not what Phoenix Family does.  We see each person as an individual and therefore the solutions must be personal and tailored to fit.

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